Boyle Church Plant

We are excited to partner with Calvary Mission to help plant a church in Boyle, County Roscommon. Boyle is the second-largest town in Co. Roscommon. It sits at a highway crossroads and serves as the “commercial center” for smaller surrounding towns and villages.

Currently, Boyle does not have a Bible-based church. 

It’s hard for Americans (much less those of us from the Bible Belt) to imagine a town without at least a few Christian churches. After all, when you enter almost any small, Texas town, the first signs you see are: First Baptist Church Welcomes You! Main Street Church of Christ Welcomes You! United Methodist Church Welcomes You! First Presbyterian Church Welcomes You! It’s quite a greeting!

But in Boyle, and in many other Irish towns, there are no Baptist, or Church of Christ, Methodist, or Presbyterian churches—or any other nondenominational evangelical churches. People don’t go “church-shopping” because there is no place to shop if you’re looking for a Bible-centered, Gospel-focused church. With God’s help, we hope to change that by offering the opportunity for people to study the Bible and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

We will be working with our dear friends and ministry partners Andrew and Genesis Kohler. We were on the team with them to help plant the Castlebar church in 2013, and are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them again. The Kohlers have been in Ireland since 2012 and, like us, have a huge heart for the people of Ireland.

  • Blue markers denote towns with established churches.
  • Orange markers denote towns with church plants planned in the very near future.
  • The green marker is where Boyle is located.
  • Yellow denotes locations that are under prayerful consideration for church plants.