Get Personal by Erin K CaseyGet Personal: The Importance of Sharing Your Faith Story by Erin K. Casey

When it comes to sharing my faith stories, I’ve often felt a disconnect between the passion of my heart and the words that fall haphazardly out of my mouth. I know what I believe; I just don’t always know how to say it…. That’s why I wrote this little book. I wanted to get better at telling my faith stories. The book explores:

  • Why we must share our faith stories.
  • What your personal faith stories are.
  • How to share your stories more effectively… and without sounding preachy, religious or just plain weird.
  • That you can be respectful of someone else’s worldview without wavering on your own.

Your story doesn’t have to be dramatic to make an impact in someone’s faith walk. Get Personal explains how our everyday stories–even those that seem simple or common–can offer powerful encouragement. That’s because saved or searching, we all need to be reminded of God’s interest in us individually and His love for us personally. – Bible study, reading plans, versions and more

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