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Same Difference… or Not!

Sometimes people from the United States ask what the biggest differences are for us here in Ireland. In many ways, our lives look much the same as they did before we moved here. But there are certainly a few differences…

Where we live:


Our house is a 4-bedroom, 2-bath home. It’s on the larger side in comparison to some Irish homes, but certainly nothing that would be considered extravagant. We’re in an estate (subdivision) that is about 40 years old, and there are plenty of houses that look very similar to ours. No thatch-roof (bummer).

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Singing the Angels’ Song

Westport Carol Service - Praise Team

Westport Carol Service – Praise Team

This past Sunday evening we participated in a carol service with Calvary Church Westport. What a lovely experience! It was my (Erin) first time to sing in any sort of group other than congregational singing… so I was a bit nervous! Not Jacob, he was thrilled to join the singers up front. (I think he’s destined for a life in the spotlight!) Continue reading

Learning Patience

Irish road signs

Which way do we go??

Several times during the first couple weeks after we got our new-to-us car I questioned its merits. Before the car, we felt healthier because we’d been walking everywhere. Without a car, there were no arguments about one another’s driving habits. And I felt a lot less fearful when we rode in experienced drivers’ cars.

Suddenly, we had the freedom to go wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and getting there took a lot less time. BUT, driving through our new town took significantly more mental energy. Continue reading

Welcome Home

Genesis, one of our  team members, made this lovely card to welcome us. “How long are you going to be home for?”

The O2 sales clerk who asked the question knew we were Americans, and still he referred to Ireland as our home.

Home. For Brian, this country really does feel like home—a place he should have been all his life.

For me, the feeling is different. I love it here, but so far, it’s a bit like being on vacation (or holiday, as the locals call it). Maybe you know the feeling. It’s like when you’re traveling and you feel as if you’re in two places at once—your home and your present location. Only, this isn’t vacation. I’m still working, and we’re settling into a new place, learning the town’s layout, and trying to figure out what temp the oven needs to be on to bake the cobbler. Continue reading

Overwhelmed by Love

Overwhelmed with love and gratitude. That’s how I feel tonight.

This day, our last Sunday at our home church, pummeled me with wave after wave of emotion. So much so that I fear if I don’t write it down, I’ll lose some of the precious memories from the past 12 hours. So, here goes… Continue reading

Why Plant Churches in a “Christian Nation”?

castlebar-churchplantingAlmost every Sunday, Christ-followers across the United States gather for worship services in nearby buildings. Some of us drive as little as five minutes to our places of worship. Others may have to drive 45 minutes or more to meet with their church family–and on the way they’ll pass a number of other church buildings. (We’ve actually been in both of these situations.) In the Bible belt, even the smallest country towns offer multiple options as far as the type of worship service and message taught. You can generally find at least three different denominations of evangelical churches—and in many towns, two (or more) churches of the same denomination.

Clearly, America is a “Christian nation”… right?

One of the questions we frequently hear: “Does Ireland even need missionaries? Isn’t it a Christian nation?” Continue reading

How this all Got Started

aer-lingus-planeWe are planning to relocate to Ireland to work with a church-planting group this fall. (We fly out September 1.) Taking cues from scripture and the economy, we’re going as “tent-making” missionaries. Meaning… we’ll continue working and earning income to support ourselves and to share with others.

Several of our friends have asked questions like “why??” or “how did this come about?” so I thought I’d share the story here because, to me, it’s an example of how God prepares all of us for new adventures and then “at just the right time” sets us in motion. Continue reading