Singing the Angels’ Song

Westport Carol Service - Praise Team

Westport Carol Service – Praise Team

This past Sunday evening we participated in a carol service with Calvary Church Westport. What a lovely experience! It was my (Erin) first time to sing in any sort of group other than congregational singing… so I was a bit nervous! Not Jacob, he was thrilled to join the singers up front. (I think he’s destined for a life in the spotlight!)

The caroling was beautiful. About 70 people came out (the largest group we’ve seen in County Mayo thus far), and the sound of so many voices singing well-known praises made me feel as if I was back at my home church for a moment.

Calvary Church Westport’s preacher, Paudge, shared a touching message about Jesus coming to earth on a rescue mission to ransom each one of us. When you think about how amazing it is that someone loves you so much He died and defeated death to save you… wow! That kind of love is truly a mystery and a gift.

After the service, people visited, ate mince pies (a new-to-us treat that’s quite yummy), and, of course, drank hot tea. The evening was absolutely lovely!

We are inviting the whole town to join us in celebrating Christmas.

We are inviting the whole town to join us in celebrating Christmas.

The good news is we get to do it all again this coming Sunday in Castlebar! Our team is canvassing the town with invitations this week. Please pray that people from our community will come out to celebrate Christmas with us, and, most importantly that those who don’t already know Jesus personally will be open to the hope and gift He offers.

During this time of year, we often hear people say, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” We know that the truth is, Jesus is the reason for every season:  He created all things; He holds all things (even our crazy, busy, messy lives) together; and through Him we can know and be at peace with God. (Col. 1: 15-22) Still, how wonderful it is that people’s hearts are softened by the story of that baby in a manger in Bethlehem! It was that sweet baby who caused the host of angels to sing, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” (Luke 2:14)

May we continue to sing the angels’ song of praise today and every day, and in so doing show people the far-reaching effects of Jesus’s life and love.

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